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Sintra Technology has been providing an efficient, effective and enjoyable staffing experience to job-seekers and employers. Using years of experience combined with the knowledge of our dedicated recruitment consultants, we can match the right IT professional with the right role.

Industry we Serve


Sintra Technology specializes in the placement of professionals across the various disciplines of construction industry.


We are very experienced in staffing hospitals, outpatient care facilities, clinics and allied health firms.


Sintra Technology specializes in placing key talent at many of the ecommerce brands.


Hotels and hospitality brands turn to Sintra Technology for staffing, recruiting, and talent management solutions.

Our Services

Staffing / IT & NON-IT / National & International

When it comes to staffing, we understand the challenges and the importance of getting it right.

Software Training

We are experts in software training and can help your employees get up to speed on the latest…

Software Development

At Sintra Technology, we are experts in Software Development recruitment.

Web Development

Sintra Technology is a specialist recruiting firm that connects talented web developers…

Web Designing

Finding the right web designer can be a tough task, but we at Sintra Technology help you…

E-Commerce Development

With the growth of ecommerce industry, there are dozens of enterprises taking the chances…

Application Development

We are a staffing agency that specializes in finding the best application development…

Web Customization

Sintra Technology is an experienced staffing agency that provides expert recruitment…

Our Story

We Create Impactful Digital Solutions That Drive Meaningful

Sintra Technology was founded by a couple of partners who have worked in product and IT services companies in the SF bay area for over 20 years. They understand the pain points and the speed with which IT staffing companies need to move to be a good partner. At Sintra, our goal is to make the job search easier for everyone – from the employer who wants to find the best candidate, to the candidate who wants to find their dream job.


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